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Abiy Ethiopia Tours supports and practises only responsible tourism. Our aim is to minimise any adverse impact on the environment that we visit while bringing our guests into contact with local people wherever possible. Wherever possible we try to support independent hotel or restaurant owners, where we are more than satisfied with the quality of comfort and service. Food will be sourced locally, and guests will be served by trained local people. Time will be built into the tour to allow guests to explore local markets and/or craft shops. Local guides will conduct visits to places of cultural interest, whether those be tribal villages or archaeological sites. In this way we can guarantee you a warm welcome as many local communities will benefit from your visit to our country. Often the best way to savour a new place is to walk, so this will be our preference wherever practical. Where time is limited and/or we need to cover longer distances we offer our guests a comfortable ride in a low-polluting modern minibus. Occasionally we shall resort to internal air travel; Ethiopia is a vast country. Ethiopia is also a country prone to occasional electricity power cuts, interruptions to wi-fi coverage and water shortages. We would ask guests to be prepared for the occasional disruption which will be beyond our control, but we can assure you that your holiday will not be spoiled. Water will always be provided, although sadly this will be in plastic bottles. A small percentage of the cost of your holiday will be donated to a local scheme to clear up waste disfiguring the environment. We hope guests will appreciate our wish to improve the look of the country for all to enjoy.

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