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Travelers with Abiy Ethiopia tours agree:

  •  to show respect to all individuals and communities they encounter or visit. They agree to refer immediately any dispute that arises between a native inhabitant and themselves to the tour guide or local guide, as appropriate.
  • -to be respectful of the facilities in their accommodations, taking particular care not to use any more water than is essential.
  • -to refrain from thoughtlessly leaving litter in public places and/or in their overnight accommodation. – to keep to the approved foot way through any monument or museum and to show respect for the fabric of the buildings and items on display.
  •  to show respect for the different religious beliefs of the peoples they will encounter, their buildings and customs. In Ethiopia this will entail a slight bow of the head when greeting and leaving people. removing shoes at the entrance to churches and mosques. clothing oneself modestly to enter churches and mosques. refraining from photographing individuals without asking their permission. being prepared to reward any individual(s) who agree(s) to be photographed with up to 5 birr. refraining from pushing a camera indecently close to the faces or actions of any involved in ceremonies or processions, or impeding the same through inserting themselves into the action .
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