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“Our Focus: to Provide for you and to Serve you”


Abiy Ethiopia Tours

We at AET are always committed and passionate about our service, keen to look after our clients in all ways, especially their primary needs, wants and requests. In our itineraries we put emphasis on creating the best socially interactive and environmentally friendly tour experience, supporting the local inhabitants to the fullest extent that we can.

Our entire pleasure lies in providing for guests from all backgrounds successful, stress-free and responsible tours of Ethiopia – a country so well endowed and yet relatively untouched.

In our enthusiasm to share our country with you, our well qualified staff are ready and waiting to welcome you and give you every assistance.


To enrich all the development, progress, beneficial alternatives to each and every one particularly focusing on the inhabitants around those well known touristic destinations especially by offering all the mandatory access to the place oriented for hospitality industry through one or another ways and to give the caring possibility one to another is our virtue for the reason we are peoples mainly dedicated to change the life style of the local community.


our single objective and vision is to put our own significant role in to this industry that is uniquely different from the others regardless of any personal benefit and for the success of this goal we are doing the best we can do by participating all our clients and stuff members including volunteer tasks for AET is a company always focused to create and improve all the changes throughout the fields we are engaged on.

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